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Welcome to the official site of Robert Lebrón and Sandi Lebrón. The only place where you can purchase original artwork and signed prints direct from the artists. We caution our collectors about purchasing prints on other sites since many have been advertised as hand signed and the artists themselves have never touched them.

Robert Lebrón and Sandi Lebrón have both dedicated their lives to mastering their crafts.

Robert Lebrón has been painting for over sixty years and in that time has acquired a vast knowledge and mastery of the palette knife, use of color, and technique. This is the only place where his recently completed artwork can be purchased.

Sandi Lebrón is an accomplished artist in her own right. She has painted Americana, portraits, and animals for over forty years and has perfected the technique of detailed paintings. Her current pieces can be found here reflecting her immense talent.

In Recent Events:

October 28, 2014

Robert Lebron "You Got It Kid"Available Now!

Robert Lebron is an accomplished twentieth century impressionist painter from New York City. He began his journey with art when he was four years old and continued to evolve until his final days. This evolution shaped the artist and author into a modern day Renaissance man. Robert Lebron is best known for his depictions of New York City utilizing only the palette knife in lieu of a brush. However his catalogue is more diverse in subject matter including other iconic cities like Paris, London and Amsterdam as well as fanciful paintings with Mark Twain, Don Quixote, and Humphrey Bogart to name a few. No matter the subject he depicted, Robert Lebron was a master at enticing the viewer with his ability to convey a story on a canvas. This book explores his life’s journey to develop his style and the desire to become a notable painter of the twentieth century. The biography included in this book describes his early education in art, his worldly travels, and the prominent people in his life. The remainder of the book is dedicated to providing examples of Robert Lebron’s artwork including paintings from the 1960’s up until his death.


April 12, 2014

"International Vibe" at the Art Gallery of Viera
At the opening on April 12th from 6 to 9 pm, the gallery will offer wine and light refreshments and a chance to browse Robert Lebrons artwork. The artwork will be on display for purchase until May 11th.

For more information regarding the show please click here.

Coming Soon
Biography on Robert Lebron
Featuring many of his paintings throughout the years

Keeping with Traditions

Robert Lebron Winter Scenes on Display

The Brevard Cultural Alliance has put together another exhibit of Robert Lebron's winter paintings.

Exhibit Details:
December 1, 2013

The Government Center
2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way
Viera, FL 32940

Robert Lebron's paintings will be featured on the First, Second, and Third Floors of this building.

For additional information please call: 321-690-6818

It is with a sorrowful and heavy heart that we here at lebronart.com

announce that our much beloved mentor and friend Robert Lebron has

passed away. We will strive to keep his legacy alive for generations to 

come. He will be eternally loved and missed.

The Estate will continue to honor Robert's legacy and oversee the 

licensing and authentication of his paintings and images.

May 3, 2013

Robert Lebron will be at the Palm Bay Public Library for a book signing. The address is listed below.

Robert will be signing copies of his new book The Da Vinci Picasso Dialogue.
We look forward to seeing you there.


Palm Bay Public Library

1520 Port Malabar Blvd. NE
Palm Bay, FL 32905

On February 19, 2013 Robert Lebron was featured on the show Jeopardy.

His painting "Strange Visitors to Wall Street" was used in the Double Jeopardy Round of the Tournament of Champions.

The category was "Easel Down the Road" and the question was "Robert Lebron's painting of this New York City thoroughfare shares it's title with an Oliver Stone Film."

The painting that was featured is available for purchase, for additional information regarding the painting click here.

On November 6, 2012 Robert Lebron published his first work of fiction titled
The Da Vinci-Picasso Dialogue.

"Given the chance to return one last time to earth, could you prove that your life was worthwhile? The last thing Pablo Picasso expected when he entered the gates of heaven was an inquisition. However, before being granted entrance into heaven, he finds that he must pass muster with one of the greatest artists of all time: Leonardo da Vinci. What follows is both a metaphysical and physical journey through the minds of the two masters. As Picasso insists that his art can speak for itself--without wealthy backers or even his own name attached to it--da Vinci takes up the challenge. Picasso finds himself back on earth, trying to sell new paintings without using his real name. And the reception he receives is unexpected. Will the promise of a big payoff in Las Vegas ruin his chances in heaven? Readers--and a host of heavenly artists--are already placing their bets. Lebron's first foray into fiction is filled with his own witty and intriguing artwork." -Amazon.com

The Da Vinci- Picasso Dialogue is available for purchase for $15.00 and comes personally signed by Robert Lebron. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of The Da Vinci-Picasso Dialogue please click here.